I have been selling Real Estate since year 2000. Sometimes I catch myself at being surprised when first time home buyer asks me about something regarding Real Estate that I feel he/she should know.

I have been thinking about it lately and I remembered buying my first home….and I realized that I did not know ANYTHING then.

What is worst?  I bought my first place in Connecticut and second in Florida. So when buying in Florida I thought that I have all the answers just to find out that buying and selling Real Estate varies from state to state considerably.

So I hope to give some pointers to Florida/ St Lucie home buyers.



Q1)Where do I start if I am thinking of buying home/condo/townhome?

A1) If you have enough cash to pay full listing price, your next step should be to call Real Estate Agent. Realtor will ask you questions to find out what exactly you want/need and will search database to find perfect place for you.


Q2)What if I need loan?

A2) First step then should be lender. Of course you can call Real Estate Agent also, but I will tell you to call lender, so that will be still your first step. My advice? Chose wisely. Don’t go to Bank of America,just because you have your checking account with them and it will be easy. Departments do not have anything in common. They will not give you a deal, just because you are their customer. Actually in my experience big banks (Chase, BoA, Wells Fargo, etc) give the poorest job on mortgages. Usually one underpaid and inexperienced loan officer handles 100 or more loans, does not ask right questions when qualifying you. Try to interview local mortgage lender/broker with good reputation. Ask your friends. Ask Real Estate Agent. And then be honest. If you are self employed and most of your income gets deducted, don’t hide it. It will come to light. Would you rather find out now or three weeks and thousand dollars into a deal that you can’t get loan?    



Call or email listing agent Anna Chroscicki with RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty at

772-485-4188 or anna@annasellsrealestate.com.


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