If you haven’t seen it yet, put BIG SHORT on your “must watch’ list . Not only it is funny and entertaining. Every scene is filled with the most talented actors in Hollywood.  Two hours pass like five minutes thanks to great directing and editing.

But if you haven’t heard of this movie yet, don’t expect to see “feel good” comedy. Especially if 2007 Real Estate crisis touched you in personal way. I have been selling Real Estate since year 2000. And nowhere else, but in Florida, in Port St Lucie. My city was in headlines when market was going up (fastest growing city in country, home and land prices appreciating on daily basis). But we were also famous when market crashed (most foreclosures).

And still, watching the movie, I was shocked by how much I didn’t know of what was happening before, during and after crash. The least of it had to do with Real Estate. It was pure form of gambling (with someone else’s money). Really sad …But I guess that is why I like movies based on true stories. No writer can come up with scenario so unreal, weird.







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