• Is cement block construction better than frame?                                                                                                                                                         


             If you heard that it is much better, because of hurricane stability, then my answer is “NO”.  What matters in hurricane is : securing of roof and home openings. If you compare two homes and CBS home has roof without special ties and windows without hurricane shutters, and frame home has roof that meets “hurricane withstanding” criteria and shutters are installed on home- your frame home will “live” through hurricane and CBS home may get damaged.  And you will pay more for homeowner’s insurance.

If wood destroying organisms are your concern, then you have a little bit of point there. There is a lot more weak points in frame house. And you have to be more carefull. But don’t panic…and don’t be too sure about CBS home. There is wood involved (trusses, window openings, door openings).

Please talk to builder, contractor, insurance company before making decision.   

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