I am absolutely not writing this article to tell buyers/sellers which one is better . I just want explain some things that may be confusing for buyers coming to florida from Northern states . In Connecticut, New York, etc you NEED attorney to close on home. I am not going to list all the services that attorney does, because of one simple reason: I don’t know. But I know that attorney will be the one to assist buyer and seller in executing “closing” documents:, making sure that buyer is getting property free and clear of liens, seller gets paid, etc.

In Florida that is not requirement. You can (as buyer or seller) have Title Company assist with closing of transaction. Those institutions are licensed. And will make sure that seller, buyer and everybody else involved in transaction comes out at the end with :home or fair compensation. They make sure that there is no liens on property, prepare deed, work with buyer’s lender ,etc.

  There are definitely  Real Estate Attorneys in Florida who can do exactly the same and as buyer or seller you are welcome to hire them. There will be (most of the time) difference in fee. Attorney’s services are a little bit more expensive usually. But you do- have additional protection. And if you are worried that transaction may get a little bit out of hand and complicated issues may arise, maybe attorney would be a better choice. Like I mentioned, this article just explains the difference between Florida and some other states as far as “closing companies’ are concerned.





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